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Who We Are

Soncured is not a huge corporate record label, we are entirely self funded and conveniently located in East Tennessee.  At our core we believe that Holy Spirit inspired music has the ability to change lives.  Our mission is to find and promote unknown Christian artists who otherwise might never have the opportunity to share the message God has given them with the world

Soncured Records is focused on promoting Christ centered music that reflects a grateful hearts response to the gospel.

Our desire is to work with artists who, through music, challenge listeners to consider the cross, the sacrifice made there and what it means to them in their everyday lives. We view personal spiritual depth, artistic excellence and cultural relevancy as the necessary tools needed to present the gospel through music.

Demo Submissions

Submissions by mail:
Soncured Records
Att: Jones Beene
213 Dennis St.
Athens, TN. 37303

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