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These are just a few of the testimonies sent to us by listeners hearing our songs on their local Christian radio stations.

Email From: Shona
As I was walking around listening to K-Love on my phone, I’d been thinking of separating or possibly divorcing my husband of 14 yrs. We have six children together. The song “Don’t Give Up” came on. I mean… come on! THAT exact song at that EXACT moment…no one can say that wasn’t our Heavenly Father. I decided that no, Satan has taken enough from me in my life. He is not getting my family too. I don’t know how to fix it all but HE does. I don’t know what’s going to happen but HE does. And it is in HIM that I will lay my trust, my heart and the things most precious to me in this world. HE takes care of what belongs to HIM.

Email From: Abigail Prosser
Love your song, Do Not Be Afraid, I first heard it on The Message on Sirius radio. It has truly helped my husband and I get through a lot. We just lost our 4 month old son, Ryder and we played your song at his Rosary. I listen to it every day. Anyway, just wanted to say thank you.

Email From: Jayson
Hi Guys, I heard this song on the radio yesterday coming home from work and thought “what a neat song” and then didn’t think anything of it. I got home, picked up my wife, and we went to our accountant to get our taxes done. Have you ever had one of those moments where all hope seemed to rush out the door, that happened last night when our accountant told us that we owe the gov’t almost $7,000. We both work full time and I also work part time as a worship pastor. We don’t make a lot of money by any means and $7k is one of those “unattainable” amounts. We went to bed depressed, anxious, and ultimately not knowing what to do. When I woke up, the first words in my head were your lead singer’s voice “Don’t Give Up.” I woke my wife up, played her this song, and we both sat there in tears by the message God is speaking through you. Thank you for being faithful and writing this song. What you are doing has eternal implications. I toured for 2 years as a singer/songwriter, so I know the discouragement and pain that can happen on the road. I pray that you guys also keep your chins up and don’t give up when times are tough. God reminded
me of that through your song, I pray he reminds you of that when times are tough as well. God bless!

Email From: Sharon Faye Setliff
Really LOVE your song Do Not Be Afraid it has really blessed my life I just lost my little girl to an undiagnosed disease this past August and has I was driving down to the graveyard and questioning God why because I had felt so let down being a singer and musician I sang about God’s miracles and healing and what his power could do being a preachers daughter and preachers wife hearing about God’s miracles from hos word my faith felt very low I didn’t even feel like singing cause I felt the very joy and song was not in me anymore and has I pulled up to my little girls grave your song came on and several times either going or leaving her grave the song comes on and it’s has if God and Lauren was telling me don’t be afraid I am with you so thank you for allowing God to use you to encourage others thru your ministry cause you have really helped me

Email From: Penny Wales Martin
Dear Tanner..I just wanted to let you know how much your song “Do Not Be Afraid” has impacted my family right now. My youngest daughter has suffered total kidney failure due to Lupus. Week before last when we were leaving dialysis your song come on the radio. We both just stopped and listened. Tears may have been falling but HOPE was building. You reminded us that there is nothing to fear when God is with us. Thank you for being a blessing.

These are just a few of the many emails we’ve received as the Lord has begun to use the songs He has given us for His glory. Please consider helping support our ministry and being a part of changing lives through Christian Music.

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