Child of Heaven Hits Christian Radio

Child of Heaven hits Christian Radio with a bang! The song, by our artist Calling Glory, has been top 20 on Billboard Christian AC charts for over 4 weeks and continues to gain momentum. Since March of this year Child of Heaven has been climbing the charts and we are still praying for a top 10! Most folks don’t realize how extremely hard it is to take a Top 20 spot from the larger labels…it’s hard y’all. With that being said we are so excited about the success our Christian radio promotion team has had with this tune; Their hard work and dedication has paid off and we can’t thank them enough! They’ve visited over 20 stations, made hundreds of calls and every day show up to work and make sure that stations know what a great song this is. We may be a small label but we have heart and are so thankful that God has let us continue to build relationships in such a tough market. To God be the Glory!

Calling Glory Child Of Heaven Christian Radio Promotion

Tough Competition On The Billboard Top 20 List!

Child of Heaven Hits Christian Radio

Back In March We We’re Already Catching Fire!

The band hopes to release a follow up single later this year so keep them in your prayers; we can’t wait to share this next song with you guys!!

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